Meet The Characters

The Characters of Deadlands


Lele de la FonteinLele de la Fontein

The narrator of Deadlands, Lele is outspoken, impulsive and finds it difficult to trust anyone.

Desperate to save her brother from being sent away to a home for ‘special children’, and locked in a cold war with her new step-mother, she’ll do almost anything to escape the enclave.



Thabo is Lele’s only ally at Malema High, the hard-core Resurrectionist school she’s forced to attend. He’s witty, cute and desperately wants to join the Anti-Zombian League (the ANZ) and fight against the Resurrectionists who worship the Guardians and rule the enclave
with an iron fist.




The Mall Rats are a highly-trained team of renegade teens who live in an underground hideout in the enclave. They’re the only non-zombies who are able to leave the enclave and survive out in the Deadlands.


Nicknamed after the hero of Evil Dead II, Ash is the leader of the Mall Rats. He’s more likely to found reading than chatting, and although he’s a tad moody, he always keeps a cool head in a fight.


Born in Botswana, and ironically nicknamed after the 1970s cult spy series starring Roger Moore, Saint was cut off from her family when the
war broke out. A bit stand-offish at first, Saint is super-stylish, a dab hand with fire chains, and her sense of humour is so dry it could start a forest fire.






On holiday to watch the World Cup, British born Ginger was stranded in Cape Town when the War broke out. The clown of the group, Ginger is relentlessly cheerful, addicted to zombie movies and is never without his chainsaw.



The Zombies of Deadlands


The Rotters make up the majority of the decaying living dead that shamble around in the Deadlands. Numbering in the thousands, they’re generally slow-moving, and their eerie mournful moans can be heard day and night from inside the enclave.


Hatchlings are newly zombified people. It takes at least a week for the newly-infecteds’ senses to dull, and in the week or so before they morph into the stinky Rotters, they’re fast, strong and very very dangerous.

illustrations © 2012 by Vincent Sammy