Death of a Saint – Review

DeathofaSaint The Mall Rats are back and they are better than ever! Death of a Saint takes place shortly after the events of Deadlands, the first book in the series. Conditions in the enclave are deteriorating, the Mall Rats have lost their hideaway and after a run-in with the Resurrectionists they are forced to leave Cape Town to go in search of other survivors. Leaving everything familiar behind Lele, Ash, Ginger and Saint venture into the unknown with one question looming large - are there even any other survivors left to find?
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Review from Dave Brendon’s Fantasy and sci-fi weblog

Deadlands by Lily HerneFrom Dave Brendon’s Fantasy and sci-fi weblog:

The world building in the novel was also interesting and damned cool – the novel plays out in the environs of Cape Town, but this Cape Town is buggered; no-one is tanning on the beaches, no-one is enjoying a cocktail in Long Street, and there aren’t any more traffic problems. There are various factions that play up against each other, some doing what they consider to be good, some just surviving from day to day, some thinking
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Review by Cat Hellison

Deadlands by Lily HerneFrom author Cat Hellison’s blog, Inarticulations:

It is gritty and ugly – the Cape Town it paints is not the Cape Town we like to sell to the tourists, and Herne has done an admirable job of world-building a Capetownian dystopia I can believe, drawn from shacks and shanty towns and the bureaucratic Divine.
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Dead and Loving It: Interview with SA Partridge

Deadlands by Lily HerneSA Partridge interviews Lily Herne, the author of Cape Town’s first ever zombie novel, Deadlands. Partridge’s review of Deadlands precedes the interview: BOOK SA recently ran two excerpts of Lily Herne’s breakthrough youth novel, Deadlands. But what are the Deadlands and who is its mysterious author? Imagine a Cape Town without morning traffic, car guards and that noxious smog cloud hovering above the city centre like the alien spaceship in District 9. Imagine the silence, save for the occasional squawk of a crow, or hum of the cicadas. It would be perfect if it wasn’t completely overrun by the walking dead. Read the interview here.    

Aw – our first bad review

Deadlands by Lily HerneFrom Violin in a Void:

It’s a brillint, unique twist on the zombie novel – zombies are the new religion, revered for ‘cleansing’ Cape Town of its violence and corruption so there could be a better life for all (who survived). Believers are known as Resurrectionists, the zombies are respectfully known as the Reanimated (dissenters just call them Rotters), and the ‘priests’ are the mysterious cloaked Guardians whose faces no one has ever seen. There’s no question now about whether or not there’s an afterlife, because it’s right there in the Deadlands, moaning for your flesh.

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